"Pi Day"

Don't be a square, join the upcoming "pi day" celebration Friday, March 14.  Click on "First 200 Million Digits of Pi" and you can search any set of numbers.  FYI "2014" first appears 3,133 digits into pi not counting the 3.   Looking forward to next year when for the current century the day/month/year will be  a perfect first five numbers of pi...3.1415.  In the meantime, click on "Pi Events" and see what is cooking.  Let us know your pi celebration and we will add it to our delicious list of home pages to one of Math's great numbers.  Click our "Like" button below to share with your friends.  Roll on!






Click on the images to see Venice Circles



Pi Across America is a celebration of one of mathematics most intriguing and storied numbers.  Come browse our site -- it's free -- and learn more about the ratio between a circle's diameter and circumference, an endless, irrational number that has challenged mathematicians for thousands of years.

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